Your business is ready to go global!

Data communications is a systematic and constant flow of information between various endpoints throughout the world, including branches, clients, global suppliers and more. The information age we live in greatly enhances the demand of small and large business for cutting-edge, stable and reliable communication services.  




At Bezeq International, we supply a wide variety of high-quality international communications services, based on cutting-edge technologies, advanced infrastructure and plenty of experience in the field.

One of our advantages lies in our infrastructure, which is based on JONAH, a 2,300Km optical submarine cable system that expands Bezeq International's physical network

right into the heart of Europe at a rate of over 7 Terabits per second – thus tripling the international bandwidth outgoing Israel prior to the cable system launch.


JONAH Submarine Cable System, a newly offered alternative in the international telecom infrastructure market in Israel, connects Israel to Italy, then extending via terrestrial pan-European network to the major internet hubs in Europe, including Bezeq International's Points of Presence in London and Frankfurt.  
JONAH utilizes cutting-edge technologies to transfer data in reliable, top-performance fashion. JONAH positions Bezeq International as the first Israeli company to own an independent international communications network which allows our customers to enjoy unlimited internet access, with high-quality performance fully managed by Bezeq International

Our Solutions

  • IPLC Solutions
    International lines connecting two sites in point-to-point topology. The rate of data transference is fixed and is not dependent on third-party traffic. 
  • MPLS Networks
    MPLS network establishment and multi-site operation (private cloud), as well as CoS network support and prioritization of information critical to the organization.
  • Reach In Network Interconnect (NNI)
    Access via interconnects with domestic third party MPLS services allowing increased coverage at lower rates.
  • "Remote" Internet
    Site connectivity through secure broadband to Bezeq International's overseas POP, as well as secured internet broadband to local suppliers in Europe and the US. 

Why choose Bezeq International?

  • Variety - A wide selection of advanced international data communication solutions
  • Personalization - We personalize our solutions to fit your needs, based on a deep understanding of business environments and ever-changing market requirements
  • Cost-Efficiency - Our independent optical submarine cable system allows us to offer competitive prices
  • Progress- A commitment to innovation and up-to-date technologies
  • The Full Package - Comprehensive solutions including network reliability, maintenance and security 
  • Service- Local language service and support 
  • Integration - Integration with systems such as IP PBX, FW, Storage, WAN Optimization and more 

The Service behind the Solutions

At Bezeq International, we believe that quality service is an integral part of the solution.

Our data customers benefit from a designated and professional support center, on call 24*7. Our support center responses quickly and effectively to your needs, while pro-actively monitoring lines and handling faults using Orion by SolarWinds, a cutting-edge monitoring system that enables business continuity and a minimum of stoppage times. Orion allows us to: 



  • Monitor broadband utilization within various network areas
  • Evaluate application response time, based on pre-determined measures
  • Monitor the network's end-components
  • Establish a web portal for the network manager
  • Base our pre-planning on forecasts and statistical analysis
  • Identify network faults and malfunctions
  • Shorten response times
  • Send automatic SMS and emails to pre-defined mailing lists, in case of malfunction 



Our Network Map