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Bezeq International Ltd. ("BI"), Israel's leading internet and international telecommunications services provider, was founded in 1996 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Bezeq and is part of Israel's largest and leading telecom group. BI is the leading company in all of its main areas of activity, providing comprehensive communications solutions in Internet, Telephony (International, Domestic and Intra-Organizational), IT and Cloud Computing Services, Outsourcing, Websites and Servers Hosting and Co-Location, DR Solutions, Data Communications and cyber and information security.



Leading Broadband Internet in Israel
in 1999, BI entered the internet market, and is now considered Israel's leading Internet Service Provider, with the market's highest and most remarkable growth rates.   

Customer Service Excellence
The company's quality of service and the professional support provided to its customers are its cornerstones. Its investment in customer service proved itself once again in 2015 when BI was chosen by the "Marketest" research institute as a customer service leader for the seventh consecutive year.


Highest Income and Profits in Its Field
Correct preparedness by BI for changing trends in the Israeli communications market, investments in the development of its internet and IT services, as well as other growth engines; have assisted the company in establishing its leading position with the highest income and profits in its field. In 2015, BI reported the highest level of revenue since its founding.


Leading Partnerships
BI has established strategic alliances with various international mega-telecom companies and with leading telecommunications, data communication, computer and internet providers. Among the leading alliances are those with BT and Verizon for global data communication services, and with a long list of international leading communication software and hardware manufacturers, such as Cisco, Check Point, Dell, Avaya, VMware, EMC, Rackspace, Microsoft, HP, Juniper, and LG. 


Underwater Cable – Independent Communications Infrastructure, from Israel to Europe
BI invests significant resources in building new capabilities and strengthening existing ones. In January 2012, BI launched an optical submarine cable system that serves as an independent communications infrastructure in the Mediterranean Sea, linking Israel and Europe. The cable uses the most advanced and innovative technology in the world for data transmission. Thus, BI has become the first Israeli company that wholly owns an advanced international network, enabling customers to enjoy the largest bandwidth and highest quality performance. Bl's advanced submarine cable system and its sophisticated internet network have revolutionized Israel's internet market and set the highest standards for the benefit of customers in Israel.  


A Leader in Communications and IT Solutions for the Business Sector
BI leads the business communications market, with the broadest variety of comprehensive solutions and computer services for all sizes of businesses – from enterprises and government agencies, up to mid-sized and small-sized companies. Thanks to its experience as a company that offers international telecommunication solutions, and as a leading Internet provider, BI has acquired the skills and expertise in planning, creating, managing and maintaining complex and integrated communication networks. The company has won dozens of large-scale tenders and many of Israel's major companies are among its customer base.
The company offers a range of overall ICT services including IT Systems Solutions, digital infrastructures, information and cyber security, wireless and networking solutions, data storage and backup solutions as well as service maintenance agreements for organizational computer networks, help desk services, outsourcing and international data networks for international clients.


Israel's Largest Data Center Network
BI has expanded its Data Centers sites network and is a leader in DR and Data Center solutions in Israel. BI customers in Israel and worldwide have access to a Data Center network, which has the Redundant network of the highest standard in the Mediterranean area, with 7 facilities worldwide (including Hong Kong) and 4 in Israel, including an underground facility which provides DR solutions. Through these installations, which are among the most innovative and advanced, and which are based on green technology, the company supplies hosting and storage services, racks co-location services, and a range of designated management services.
BI specializes in installing, maintaining and supporting inter-organizational telephony exchanges, cloud-based IP exchanges, and Call Centers, representing the world's leading manufacturers 


Leading the Cloud Computing Revolution
With the conversion of BI to an IT company, which operates in the business sector providing communication solutions for small businesses and strategic enterprise-wide integration services, BI began to see itself as a booster and promoter of the cloud computing revolution in the Israeli market. BI, alongside its large public cloud project and private cloud solutions, launched the "Virtual Nest", Israel's largest public cloud, which provides automatic, easy- to- operate cloud computing with 24/7 Hebrew and English support, alongside cooperation efforts and the integration of private, public and hybrid cloud solutions from MicrosoftAzure and Rackspace. BI also provides a wide range of advanced cloud services such as Office 365, Dynamics CRM, and SAAS services, virtual servers, data backup services and cloud call centers. BI cloud computing operations, which are based on the goal to continue to lead in providing new technology IT services (IP leader & IT winner) is evident in every aspect of company activity, from the computing infrastructure to the conversion of all IT services and traditional communication media to a business model in the form of service, from expansion of the company's Data Center up to innovative and advanced cloud services. 

Cyber as a Service
BI's uniqueness is evidenced by the technological innovations that it has promoted. Projects of research and development, alongside collaborations with startups, position the company at the forefront of Israeli innovation. Bezeq International currently leads the cyber defense field for private and business clients in Israel. BI has launched its "Cyber Wall" which is a unique solution and the first step by the company towards comprehensive protection for home internet surfers. The company also leads in advanced and effective solutions for integrated, multi-layered protection for the business sector. 

Facing the Future
No doubt, BI's impressive growth, and market leadership is expected to continue at the same strong pace in the coming years. This leadership is built on quality service, technological excellence and a clear business vision – attributes that reflect BI's strength. 

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